hip arthroscopy

About Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is one of the most cutting-edge areas of orthopedic surgery. The development of highly specialized procedures in hip arthroscopy over the last few years created new options for patients with hip pain, hip injuries, and early arthritis of the hip. These procedures allows athletes to return to their sport, allow workers to return… Read more »

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    X-act ROM hip brace

    The X-act ROM is the brace usually recommended by Dr. Domb post-operatively to his patints undergoing hip arthroscopy.

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    Hip Physical Examination by Dr. Marc Safran

    Hip joint examination for the non-arthritic hip, all exams should be performed on both sides. Starting with the iliopsoas strength and irritation test; supine hip flexion, internal and external rotation at 90 degrees. For femoral acetabular impingement and labral tears – the anterior impingement test and the labral stress test (which are very sensitive for… Read more »

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    Using The Hip Brace

    In some cases for example if a labrum repair or capsular plication is done, a hip brace may be recommended for at least two weeks which is a critical stage in the soft tissue healing. In many cases Dr. Botser recommends Breg’s T-Scope brace, which may look complicated at first. The following video may help… Read more »